Pass The Rubicon

Pass The Rubicon

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August 30th, 2011, 8:42 pm

Pass the Rubicon

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★ c o m i c

"Pass the Rubicon" is an Interactive BL Comic! Readers get to vote on the Main Character's major (and sometimes minor!) decisions, altering the course of the story and character's lives in this Slice of Life manga!

Follow (and lead!) the story of Aki Sōta. A sociable high school student who is about to graduate. His life is on the verge of major upheaval as he prepares to decide on what course his life should take. What career path does he want to follow, if any? And to make matters more complicated, three familiar men in his life seem to be getting closer to him than ever before, a school mate, a coworker, a neighbor...

Update Schedule: Saturdays

What does Pass the Rubicon mean?: it's an idiom. to pass the Rubicon means to take a decisive step

★ v o t i n g

How do you vote? Simple!
Whenever there is a page where you readers will get a chance to vote, cast your vote on the Pass the Rubicon facebook page!

The sad truth about a voting system, however, is that your choice might not always be the winner. So if this is the case, I highly encourage and welcome you to draw your own vision of what would have happened, should the other choice have been made! (a fanart, a mini-doujinshi, etc). Then post it in the Guest Work folder! (literary works welcomed!)

Story & Art by Cassandra Jean

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