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Reply CassandraJean, August 31st, 2011, 11:49 am

voting over the voting is done! The majority
decided that he should make the
"study" date with Mitsuru! Let's
see what happens next~

(and now at this point smackjeeves is caught up with the deviantArt posts so... next time there is a voting page, y'all will have more of a chance to participate with the others!)

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Reply xNillx, August 31st, 2011, 4:10 pm

Whoa whoa!! I'm so excited! To find a BL by one of my most favorite artists! I love so many of your works..Black-Eyed Susan, Land of the Lions, Dango Sunshine..I really want to order OTL and now I find you've created another incredible comic and it's BL <3..I'm thrilled beyong belief..
I'm already loving these characters...And of course, as always, your style is so unique and captivating..I can't wait to see where this goes..You are brilliant..Thank you for creating another incredible comic!

Reply CassandraJean, August 31st, 2011, 7:39 pm

@xNillx: Gosh!! Thanks D8!!! You smother me with love and I feel all warm and cozy <3 I will try my best so please stay tuned! oauhgghaou you are too kind D8

Reply squishie-chan, September 1st, 2011, 10:17 am

^___^ I am totally excited about this comic. It looks great, and the fact that it's interactive just made it that much better. XD

Reply moon1414, September 1st, 2011, 1:17 pm

Hehe, this is a great comic! I love the new idea, and especially the main character!

Reply BEARperiod, September 1st, 2011, 5:46 pm

you're style is so amazing.

Reply blyu-dono (Guest), September 1st, 2011, 10:36 pm

shame of course the study option would win- wwwhhhhhhhhhhy cant we be more imaginative and make a varied storyy guuyyysss-ah well. what the readers want goes i guess.

Reply Wasted-Oak, September 1st, 2011, 11:20 pm

Those glasses are banging. I need to buy me some of them.

Also TEE HEE CHEMISTRY(it rhymed ZING!).

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