Pass The Rubicon

Pass The Rubicon

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Main Character

Name: Aki Sōta
Age: 17
Personality: sociable, adaptable / indecisive, forgetful
Birthdate: January 12
Blood Type: AB
Job: part-time jobs as a pastry cafe waiter & dock inventory.
Info: He doesn't know what kind of career he wants.
He writes Sōta as 颯太 "suddenly big" and Aki as 秋 "autumn"

Love Interests

Name: Nakagawa Mitsuru
Age: 17
Personality: agreeable, optimistic / jealous, blunt
Birthdate: November 21
Blood Type: O
Job: works at his father's clinic.
Relationship to MC: school friend
Info: He plans to go to med school and become a doctor. But wonders if he's doing it just for his dad.
He writes Mitsuru as 満 "satisfy" and Nakagawa as 中川 "middle river"

Name: Harada Isamu
Personality: wild, passionate / selfish, irresponsible
Birthdate: July 5
Blood Type: B
Job: works at the docks unloading shipments.
Relationship to MC: coworker
Info: He never went to college. He doesn't want a steady relationship, just want's to have fun.
He writes Isamu as 勲 "exploit" and Harada as 原田 "original paddy field"

Name: Kondo Tsuyoshi
Age: 18
Personality: sensible, reserved / fastidious, tense
Birthdate: May 30
Blood Type: A
Job: unknown
Relationship to MC: neighbor
Info: His father went to prison for a violent crime. He lives alone.
He writes Tsuyoshi as 豪 "overpowering" and Kondo as 近藤 "near wisteria"

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